Simplified process for the whole Merchandising Organization

Skuops breaks the clutter of documents, emails and spreadsheets, and helps connect your team of buyers, merchandisers, marketers, studio managers and creative writers in a vicious loop, transforming the entire product journey & expanding profitability.

A smarter way to collaborate

It’s a digital world with tough competition waiting for even the best of retailers. Without a simplified and centralized mode of operation, it’s almost impossible to succeed in this race. Skuops is your one-stop digital solution that combines collaborative efforts with insightful decisions, making way for a brand that’s on top of the retail game. Skuops offers a range of tools to help uncomplicate the way buyers deal with vendors, ease the workflow between studio managers, creative writers and members of the marketing team, and enable seamless collaboration between stakeholders at every stage starting from buying all the way to distributing.

Discover our Key Benefits

Skuops equips you with the power to manage your merchandising workflow, digital shoots and content creation process easily via tools that give your team the flexibility needed to deliver their best work! Easier to maneuver than a collection of spreadsheets and powers your team with unlimited access to world-class technology.

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Effective Planning

The system of personalized dashboards allows each user to have a clear understanding of their goals, priorities and roadblocks. This not only allows them to plan their day better, but the level of transparency signals other team members to get involved and do their bit in order to smoothen any hiccup in the process.

  • iconUser Personalized dashboard
  • iconUpdate on each user’s action, priorities and status
  • iconDesigned to facilitate better collaboration and accelerated productivity
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Drowning in workload and not chalking out priorities followed by plans lead to unfocused productivity that may sparingly but not powerfully impact immediate goals, growth and sales. With a tool like Skuops, the need for manual planning is completely eliminated, and their slew of essential features and processes makes it possible for smarter collaboration and better productivity.

  • iconAlerts, Reminders and Messenger features to stay on track
  • iconAnalytics to trace patterns & structure plans accordingly
  • iconMore efficiency, with fewer redundant work streams
  • iconImproves communication and confidence in the process
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Single source of truth

Skuops offers a streamlined flow of information with instant accessibility. There’s only one central source of product information, limiting the scope for errors from redundant manual entry and ensuring sharing of only accurate information. Every stakeholder having access to the platform can reorganize their to-dos according to updates and save more time.

  • iconCloud-based platform where all information is integrated automatically
  • iconLeaves minimal room for human error
  • iconEnables mapping of trends based on reliable data
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Sample Management

Retailers deal with multiple samples on a daily basis and pass them on to other stakeholders, making it hectic on occasions to locate them. Skuops solves this problem with the help of tracking tools. This feature also makes it easy to request as well as receive samples from vendors.

  • iconEasy management of samples across the organization
  • iconUpdate on every movement of the sample via tracking tools
  • iconSmoother buyer-vendor dealings
  • iconLess hassle allowing focus on more important goals
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Data Syndication

This feature makes it easy to share information with your website or affiliates. With a dynamic system that offers fully integrated modules that can be implemented either independently or in any combination, Skuops's edge lies in collaborating with your customers and configuring solutions to meet their specific business requirements, no matter how complex they may be. Our API-first architecture easily integrates with your ERP, website or other existing systems, ensuring timely and accurate syndication of data. With our user-friendly UI and seamless API integration, you can have your process up & running in no time at a much lower cost.

  • iconData transfer via API or ftp with your website’s ERP software
  • iconServes as a brilliant Product Information Management (PIM) solution
  • iconData syncing between systems and team members banishes siloed information
  • iconAccurate and time-bound system

Plan your day like a pro. Glance through your dashboard, take note of your priorities for the entire day and keep track of each one’s status. Have fun while you shatter your to-dos and feel a sense of accomplishment in playing an efficient part in your team’s merchandising game.


Skuops is equipped with the kind of flexible infrastructure a retail organization needs to stay relevant and push ahead of its competition. It’s built to offer an intuitive experience and our real-time analytics make it easier for you to plan informed courses of action for your business without delay. It also boasts an advanced framework with complete accountability for Skuops-related infrastructure maintenance. Skuops’s revolutionary infrastructures serve as a weapon to take your merchandising play to the next level by optimising efforts, inspiring innovation and unlocking new business avenues.

Creative Performance

SaaS Based

It’s a cloud-based platform that can literally be accessed from any place, at any time, and from any device that one may choose.

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Plug & Play

It’s easy and quick to integrate the application via ‘Plug & Play’. The experience is as simple as signing up for an online account; the portal is secure and immediately accessible.

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Subscription Model

One if its best features is the option to avail customized plans according to specific business needs. This makes it very cost-efficient for brands, taking away the need to overpay.

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