A Single, simplified and centralized process for the whole Merchandising Organization

Skuops is your one tap cloud solution for every challenge you face in the retail ecosystem. From planning, buying, managing samples, enabling a hassle-free creative workflow to giving access to real-time data, this enterprise-grade digital solution is all you need to break through the clutter, stay one step ahead of the game & multiply gains.

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01 Performance

The Skuops platform is powered by data analytics and artificial intelligence, and allows users to choose from multiple options and define the way they want to view the information. Merchandisers can then deep dive into the details at hand and decide how they want to engage with it. All of this is done without the need for complicated, time-consuming and pricey implementations.

  • iconHelps keep abreast of all aspects of your daily business activity
  • iconScope for personalisation of view
  • iconBreaks silos in product development flow and drives innovation
  • iconAccurate, real-time reports on product inventory, cash flow, profitability across products, channels & more
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02 SKU Board

With products continuously in motion and multiple stages within each product flow, it’s hard to keep tabs on updates. Opting for a cloud-based system like Skuops offers stakeholders access to the SKU Board - a dashboard to track each product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the business inventory. It lends you access to the entire list of products; you can apply filters or scenarios, add products, update or edit content, import excel, get status on products and a lot more. Skuops also offers excel functionalities to make daily workings easier, and has advanced features like the option to set a personalized view. You can even create a presentation displaying a specific list of products.

  • iconPromotes efficiency with zero need for multiple spreadsheets and excel
  • iconVisibility across all levels & easy tracking of flow status at any given time
  • iconComes with excel-like functionalities to ease daily work
  • iconOption to apply filters or scenario based on need
  • iconFeature to add products, update content/image
  • iconSearch feature to find particular product or list
  • iconCreate own views with customizable columns
  • iconFreedom for multiple actions based on permissions
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03 Presentation

With thousands of varieties to choose from, it gets difficult for buyers to select products that will meet customers’ demands the best. Fortunately, it’s possible for buyers today to take quick calls with the help of Skuops’s data-driven process flow using advanced analytics and modern retail science. Our retail management solutions convert heaps of transactional numbers into readable information giving a clear understanding of customer demand and therefore lets you take better decisions on product planning and assortment. These can be printed and reviewed in ‘inspiration board’ formats. If you already have a shortlisted product list, you can use Skuops to fit it within a predefined presentation template.

  • iconProvides an accurate insight into how many SKUs each category should have
  • iconSound assortment planning & presentation based on data-backed consumer behaviour
  • iconUltimate assortment optimisation aligned towards profit
  • iconBuyers and Digital Marketing Managers can review/print final assortment format
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04 Merchandising Workflow

There are numerous challenges that retail teams face at every step of the merchandising process workflow, starting from vendor negotiations, buying, campaign planning, studio shoots, copywriting to pushing it to production. Issues are mostly rooted in loose management of key activities and documentations, as well as a lack of much-needed coordination between stakeholders. A topnotch cloud-native platform like Skuops ensures delivery of apt content based on the customer’s persona and their purchase journey with the support of their data integrity feature and timely updates.

  • iconIncreased Collaboration improves visibility among stakeholders across levels
  • iconReal-time data & trends are updated and accessible to all simultaneously
  • iconNo more key players operating in isolation, controlling scope of redundancy and inaccuracy
  • iconAlerts ensure key members are notified of changes
  • iconWork management automation improves communication, generating more sales and profit
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05 Studio Management

Optimising your product photography workflow is key to getting your product to consumers as fast as possible. It might sound like a fairly simple task but in reality, product photography takes intensive planning of materials and equipments required for the shoot, prepping of studio and creative thinking for styling the product. Skuops alerts stakeholders on every movement within the product workflow, enabling studio managers to not just anticipate but also plan out the work. They can determine the kind of workload coming their way and assign tasks within the team accordingly. Once the work is done, the team can upload them onto the portal (Skuops). Since it’s a single centralized system, the chances of duplication and misplacement are significantly low.

  • iconAllows photography managers to plan well in advance and assign tasks
  • iconOption to add shot instructions (e.g., angle or background) for the photographer
  • iconTracking code allows easy location of sample even after shoot completion
  • iconOne single source of truth, reducing chances of image misplacement and duplication
  • iconOther stakeholders automatically notified once studio work is done & uploaded
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06 Marketing Management

You can track the number of customers that interact with your products, which products they interact with and the total duration that customers engage with each of them. Detailed information like these help your marketing team plan campaigns better. A clear sense of the expected product workflow completion date facilitates a smooth Event Planning - a very big part of which is getting assets such as banners, emails and brochures ready for the marketing campaigns. With Skuops, you can also tie these events to relevant products to avoid stock-out situations. This not only helps ensure promotion of products that are actually available but also helps in timely launch of products that are scheduled to be advertised. Delegating tasks and assigning priorities within the team are other aspects that Skuops facilitates in the marketing event workflow. It has a way of getting work done without haste and optimising efforts.

  • iconEliminates the need for multiple email threads sharing spreadsheets and excel files
  • iconAssigning tasks, priorities and setting reminders made easy
  • iconOption to link campaign to concerned product(s) to avoid stock-outs
  • iconAdvanced analytics to get detail customer insight before planning campaign

Other Features

Creative Performance

Rules & Alerts

Administrators define custom rules that stipulate the conditions that generate an alert as well as what action generates what type of alert severity. With the help of Alerts, every stakeholder within the team can keep track of every step of the merchandising workflow and every aspect of daily progress. Administrators can also modify or manage alert rules. Alerts and Reminders help you prioritise and plan your task list for the day better.

Creative Performance

Data Syndication

Skuops’s advanced technology makes sharing information with your website or affiliates is fairly simple. The system can easily onboard data from multiple sources and convert them to industry-standard data pools. For a smooth product workflow, timeliness is key - something we ensure 100% with our automated system. With a single source of truth, our platform leaves no room for discrepancy of shared information and guarantees accuracy of every single data.

Creative Performance

Sample Management

Product samples keep changing hands almost every day, increasing chances of them getting lost in the crowd. Sometimes they’re even transferred to vendors/retailers working out of other cities. Although samples are an integral part of many steps of the workflow, be it buying, photography or content creation, managing so many can get quite difficult. Skuops uses tracking tools to locate each sample and manage them efficiently. It also has a system in place for easily requesting and receiving samples.

Creative Performance


Skuops offers your retail organization solutions that fulfil your specific business needs and also offer you complete administrative control. Admin accounts are easy to use and enable a systematic workflow. Admins can add, remove and manage access to other stakeholders. They’re also responsible for setting permission levels, adding/modifying alert rules and managing user privileges. Admins can easily customize views according to your team’s specific retail requirements.

Creative Performance

Search and Refine

The Search feature helps you dig out a specific product, sample or campaign you have in mind without having to scour through a never-ending list. You can then go on to either study the campaign or simply update details. In case you’re analyzing data or are looking for a certain detail pertaining to a product, you can refine the search using filters to get exactly what you set out for.

Creative Performance

Platform Connector

Our team builds custom connectors with a range of advanced features such as standardised auth, webhooks, paging, error handling, bulk support, custom data discovery, to name a few. Whether you choose Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce or any other platform for your business, Skuops’s customized connectors ensure compatibility with all platforms. Our ultimate goal is to provide advanced functionalities without any implementation challenge.

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